Sister Associations

Curious about the other student dance associations in the Netherlands? Or are you perhaps moving out to another city, and you want to know where you can dance? These are our sister associations:


S.D.V. Amsterdance, Amsterdam


D.S.D.A Blue Suede Shoes, Delft


So Salsa, Delft


E.S.D.V Footloose, Eindhoven


D.S.V. 4 Happy Feet, Enschede


S.S.V. The Blue Toes, Groningen


M.S.D.V. Let’s Dance!, Maastricht


S.D.V.N. Dance Fever, Nijmegen


Erasmus Dance Society, Rotterdam


T.S.D.V. DanceNation, Tilburg


U.S.D.V. U Dance, Utrecht


WuBDA, Wageningen