Red Cross Fundraise

We are living in strange times, and all of us have experienced it in one way or another. As a community, we also want to contribute to a solution for this problem. Therefore, as Leidance we decided to start a small fundraise action for the Red Cross.
We’re doing this in the following ways:


– Lottery
– Online dance party with DJ’s Robin and Ischa on Saturday
– Merch&clothing + €1 donation, and each €1 you donate, we double

Lottery: Starting from Monday 6, till Sunday 12 of April we will be selling lottery tickets on our website. One ticket will cost EUR 5, and by buying a ticket you will get a chance of winning a EUR 10 gift card for either Danceway or (you are allowed to choose one).
With 1 to 6 participants we will be giving away 1 gift card
With 7 to 12 participants we will be giving away 2 gift cards
And if we are lucky enough to get more than 13 participants, we will be giving away 3 gift cards.
The draw will be on Sunday the 12th on 18:00

Online dance party with DJ’s Robin and Ischa: On Saturday evening, from 20-23h, our DJ’s Robin and Ischa will be taking care of your evening with the best music to dance to. Whether you’re alone or together at home, there will be no need to sit still. What you can expect? Everything Latin, both ballroom latin (Cha cha, Rumba, Jive), and Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.
What: Online dance party
When: Saturday April 11, 20-23h
Where: T.b.a.
Price: €1,50 (donated to the Red Cross)
Tickets will be online soon

Merch&Clothing: During this period we will provide a chance to add €1 to the price of the clothing and merchandise on our website. This extra euro will not only be donated to the Red Cross, it will also be doubled by Leidance. In other words, for every euro you donate, we also donate one.
And just by chance, we have some NEW amazing merchandise, so check out the links below:

NEW! Shoe bags, two sizes: shoe size 39 and under or 40 and over

NEW! Shoe bag

NEW! Have your own clothing printed with the Leidance logo, two sizes: 8cm x 6,6cm or 25cm x 20,6cm

NEW! Leidance logo

NEW! Massage oil (LIMITED)

Massage Oil (Limited)

Sweater, Leidance blue, gray, white


T-shirt, Leidance blue, gray, white


Skirt, black


Linen bag, cream colour

Linen bag