Cultural Dance Party


What: Cultural party
When: 15th of December, from 20:00-1:00
Where: USC, Einsteinweg 6, Leiden
Dresscode: Cultural creativity


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On the 15th of December we are hosting our Cultural Party at the USC!
We decided that we would mix up the Christmas season with a bit of variety and make use of the fact that Leidance is an international group of people. So instead of a Christmas party we will throw a cultural party with international decorations and snacks! The music will be all sorts of desirable genres that y’all can dance on, so all latin and ballroompeoples be welcome to join! There will be music for everyone, maybe even a bit of real partyparty music…..
We would like to challenge everyone to dress up in something cultural or traditional or whatever you can think of to celebrate cultural diversity! We hope to see you all at this year’s cultural celebration!

with GOOD FOOD!!!


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