NTDS sign-up opened

On behalf of our NTDS team captain, Esther Starreveld:

If you have never heard about the NTDS, it is a ballroomdancing competition for students. Leidance does have an amazing info-page on her website, so please be sure to check that out: http://www.sdaleidance.nl/ntdsetds/
Take it from me: the NTDS is so much fun! It is all about dancing, fun, fun & dancing and more dancing fun. This year lovely Team Rotterdam will host the event and they will welcome us to The Wild West!
Who wouldn’t want to join a weekend full of dancing with such a theme? The NTDS wil take place on 6, 7 and 8 March 2020.

Students €60,-
Non-students/PhD-students €80,-
This will include your participation in the competition on Saturday and Sunday, your sleepingspot, breakfast/lunch/dinner during the competition and an awesome time! And of course the chance to wear your cowboy hat and/or boots!

A friendly reminder: there are only a couple of spots. Like last year there will be a raffle for all the spots. So! Me and Ilona Schooneveld need to sign up everyone who wants to join between 17 and 25 November. To make our lifes less stressfull we need:
– your name;
– your e-mailadress;
– if you have joined the NTDS/ETDS before;
– how long you have been dancing/which class you danced last ETDS/NTDS in/if you ever have danced competitions before (please let us know your level);
– if you are a vegetarian/have food allergies;
– if you are a student;
– if you already found a partner.

If you are interested, please send a message to me/Ilona via facebook or an e-mail to teamcaptainsdaleidance@gmail.com. And if you have any questons, wnat to hear more about it, want us to persuade you to join, you can also contact us, or the members of the Board.
Niet volgen..