Leidance Lights

At the 15th of December we had a ‘Light’ themed party at Quintus. Any sparkly, glittery and/or decorated-with-lights outfit was welcome at this Leidance feast! There were two rooms; one for salsa/bachata/merengue/kizomba, one for tango/waltz/chacha/rumba/quickstep/jive. Something extra was going on in this second room too. Those who were looking for a partner to dance the second or third hour of ballroom classes with, could do ‘speeddating’ here. At the entrance everyone received a glowstick to wear around the wrist. The colour indicated if someone was looking for a partner or not.
And despite a small hiccup before the party started (the second room was full of stuff from Quintus and it had to be moved before te party started, which meant work-out time for the Board) it was a succes! The tickets included one free drink, our DJ’s played untill well past two in the morning and both the outfits and decorations were very shiny!
Want to see pictures? Check our Facebookpage!

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