SAIL Leidance

Hey everyone,

Do you hate road traffic in Leiden? Elderly ladies clogging up alleyways, pesky children in your way as you try to make it somewhere on time? We have a workaround. On the 30th of August Leidance will take to the canals for some quality sightseeing around our city. No road traffic, no pesky kids.
We have room for 12 people (1 boat), or 24 (2 boats) if enough people sign up. Here’s how it works: reserve a spot on the Leidance website ( for €14,99 and you’re set! We ask you to pay in advance so as to prevent no-showers on the day itself. Should the event be cancelled for whatever reason, your money will of course be refunded. If you’re late we might be able to pick you up somewhere in the city.

Mandatory TLDR:

What: drinks and fun and snacks in a floating tub. Possibly more drinks and snacks after the whole floating business.
Where: Boommarkt 19 @ 18:00
Price: €14,99 for 2 hours of sailing

We hope to see you then!
The FeStijn