1st edition                    


A Leidance ballroom competition


Welcome to the page of the very first edition Koffiecup! A beginners ballroom competition by Leidance members with a love for coffee.

When: Saturday September 2, 2023 | 11:00 – 18:00
Where: DanceSport Academy Aalsmeer
Oosteinderweg 287f – 1432 AW

For who?

The Koffiecup is open to dancers of any level, but focuses especially on (beginning) dancers with little or no competition experience, who would like to become acquainted with competition dancing in an accessible way. Fun is at the center of this competition. 

Preliminary planning

11:00 – Hall open
12:00 – Start Ballroom competition
14:30 – Start Latin competition
18:00 – End of the competition day

Sign up

The sign-up form will open on this page on Friday May 26. You will be asked to pay your participation fee at the end of the form. The sign-up deadline is Saturday August 19.

Mail us: koffiecupsdaleidance@gmail.com

More detailed information about signing up, different levels and more van be found in the Competition Regulations here.

Entrance fee

Anyone can participate for:

  • €10,00 – Members of a student dance association
  • €12,50 – Everyone else

Anyone can visit for:

  • €5,00 – Members of a student dance association
  • €7,50 – Everyone else

Blinddating and practice

There will be blinddate and practice sessions during the summer. Signing up is not required.

    • Saturday July 15 | 13:00 – 16:00 | @USC*
    • Saturday July 22 | 13:00 – 16:00 | @USC*
    • Saturday August 12 | 13:00 – 16:00 | @USC*

*USC: Einsteinweg 6, Leiden.
Note that an entrance fee of €7,70 is required. Here for the first time? Ask for the free inspiration pass.

No partner?

No problem! We offer two ways to help you find a partner:

  1. You can sign in solo and have us assign you a partner. Beware that we cannot guarantee to find everyone a partner, but we try to let as many people join as possible. If not everyone can join, we will follow the principle of first come, first serve.
  2. We will organise practice and blinddate sessions at the USC in Leiden, see ‘Important data’ for more information. Wanna find a partner at our blinddate night? You can still sign up solo to guarantee your place and mail us with the details of your newfound partner by August 19.

Sign-up form

The sign-up is now open. You will be asked to pay your participation fee at the end of the form. The sign-up deadline is Saturday August 19.

More information

There will be two competitions: one for Ballroom – Slow Waltz, Tango and Quickstep – and one for Latin – Cha cha cha, Rumba and Jive. You can choose to sign up for either one or both competitions.

You start each competition with a qualitifaction round. Based on the level of performance, the jury will divide all couples over 3 or 4 categories. The first round after qualification, you will compete with other couples in your categorie. 

All couples dance the first round of their categorie. The best couples will be placed through to the next round. The other couples will get a second chance in the redance (so you always dance at least twice in your categorie).
After the redance, the best couples will move through each next round, until they compete for the best rankings in the finals. The final results will then be announced at the award ceremony.
Did you drop out of Ballroom early? Then you won’t have to wait for long, for you can try again in the Latin.

The organisation will always have the final decision.


  • Beginning dancers have priority: after the sign-up deadline, the beginners will be signed up first. After that, the remaining spots will be filled with more experienced people, based on a first come, first serve policy.
  • Dancers can sign up for the competition with a parter. They can also choose separate partners for the Ballroom and Latin competition.
    • Both dancers need to sign up indidually.
  • Dancers can sign up solo and be assigned a random partner. Beware: if you sign up solo, we cannot guarantee for participation, as we will allow an equal number of leads and follows to join. You can, however, sign up for the opposite role if you wish to do so (e.g. you sign up as a follow, but if there are too many follows, you can switch to lead if you wish to do so).
  • Signing up is possible until August 19 2023.


  • The tournament will consist of two competitions: ballroom and latin.
  • The ballroom dances are slow waltz, tango and quickstep
    • From the second highest level up, Slow foxtrot will be added.
    • At the highest level, Viennese Waltz will be added.
  • The Latin dances are chachacha, rumba and jive.
    • From the second highest level up, Samba will be added.
    • At the highest level, Paso Doble will be added.

Levels for the Koffiecup

  • NTDS, ETDS or other student tournaments don’t count for earlier competition experience.
  • Beginning dancers without competition experience (other than xTDS): make sure to know the basics of the slow waltz, tango and quickstep if you join ballroom, and cha cha cha, rumba and jive if you join latin. Then you’re good to go!
  • A little more experience? Dancers that participate in NADB C-class or NDO Debutants are welcome to join with their own dance partner or a different dance partner.
  • Competition dancers from NADB B-class or NDO Amateurs are also welcome to join, but cannot join with their usual competition partner.

Clothing and shoes

  • Competition clothing as worn from NADB B-class and up is not allowed; so no glitters, gems, etc. on your clothing.
  • Debutant clothing or training clothing is allowed.
  • If you wear heals, heel protectors are mandatory. 
  • Questions? Mail tokoffiecupsdaleidance@gmail.com.


  • Members of a dance association will pay an entrance fee of €10,- and non-members will pay €12,50.
  • You can sign out free of charge until the sign-up deadline of August 19, 2023, by sending a mail to koffiecupsdaleidance@gmail.com.