General Members Assembly 17th of November

Dear members,

The next General Members Assembly will take place on 17 November at Café De Keyzer. You have received a formal invitation through email already.

In this General Assembly, we will, among other topics, discuss the financial plans from the former as well as the current board and motions that have been sent in by some members. Is it not possible to attend the General Assembly? By writing, authorize someone else to vote for you in order to let your vote count. It is important that with this authorization, the name, date of authorization grant, name and signature of the person giving the authorization, and the date of the plenary meeting are visible. IMPORTANT: A member can only be authorized the vote of two members at maximum. 

All Leidance members are invited to join us in this meeting and give their input. This can be about anything, think about the events we have, workshops, fundraising, other ideas, but also if members are unhappy about things, this is the right moment to bring this under the board’s notice.

We hope to see you all there!


Board Hosseinimehr