On this page you will find the answers to many of the frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer to your question here? Don’t hesitate to ask and send an email to board@sdaleidance.nl.


Does Leidance organise dance classes?

The dance classes our members follow are organised by the University Sports Centre Leiden (USC Leiden). To join the classes, you need a USC membership and sign up for the courses through their website or app.

How can I join the dance classes at the University Sports Centre?

For joining the classes at the University Sports Centre (USC), you will need a USC membership. They offer multiple memberships ranging from one day to one year. The USC offers a one time Inspirational Card to check out the classes one day for free. Ask for this card at their Front Office.

Do I need to be a member of Leidance to join the dance classes?

The dance classes our members follow are organised by the University Sports Centre Leiden (USC Leiden). Therefore, you do not need to be a Leidance member to join the classes.

What type of dances are part of Leidance? And what type of dance classes can I follow at the USC?

S.D.A. Leidance is the association of ballroom, bachata, salsa, and kizomba. These dances are all taught at the USC. Apart from these, the USC also offers classes in dances that are not part of Leidance. These are Ceroc, modern dance, ballet, dancehall fusion, heels, hip hop, and modern jazz.

I’m considering joining Leidance but I’d like to try a dance lesson first before becoming a member. Is this possible?

If you’d like to join one of the classes to see if you like it, you can get an inspiration pass at the USC that gives you one day free admission to all USC facilities and classes. See their website https://www.uscleiden.com/ to download the inspiration pass and for the timetable of the lessons. If you like the classes, you can join more lessons by becoming a member of the USC and signing up for the dance course(s) of your liking.

Do I need to have a dance partner to join the dance classes?

For all classes, you switch partners throughout the lesson and don’t need to bring a partner to join. Only for the ballroom semi-advanced and advanced, a fixed partner is mandatory. If you do not have a partner, it is still possible to sign up and find a partner organically, or ask the teachers or other dancers to help find a partner.

Is there a sign up deadline to become a Leidance member?

No, you can sign up anytime.

What is the contribution fee?

You can become a member for only 30 euros a year! If you’re an international student, you can also become a member for half a year, this costs 20 euros.

Leidance does not offer dance classes. Then what are the benefits of becoming a member?

S.D.A. Leidance is your community next to your dance classes. We offer you numerous activities and a low-key, high-grade diverse group of friends. Our activities include: weekly Leidance Advanced Salsa Classes, social dancing hours, parties, galas/formals, workshops, trips to sister associations and much, much more.
Our members originate from all over the world but there is one thing that brings them together: a love for dancing.

I love dancing but I’m not very good at it (yet). Can I still join Leidance?

Yes, of course you can! The Leidance community welcomes dancers of all levels, from those who just took their first lesson to highly experienced dancers who have been dancing for years.

I want to terminate my Leidance membership. How can I do that?

We’re sorry to hear you want to cancel your membership and hope you had a great time in the association. If you wish to sign out for the following year, please email the board before the 1st of June. If you email after 1st of June, your membership will continue for one extra year.