Monthly drinks

Café de Keyzer Kaiserstraat 2-4, Leiden

Beer, wine, FREE bittergarnituur and a lot of chatting is to be caught up on. Let's get together again at our usual cafe. As usual, we'll take care of the snacks as you bring the good vibes.

NTDS prep day

University Sports Center Einsteinweg 6, Leiden

With this year's NTDS coming closer, we will organize a prep day again, so that those participating (especially those joining for the first time), can ask all their questions and all the basics about competing in the NTDS. We will also have some technique classes, prepare the team presentation and offer private lessons to those interested. […]

Jumanji movie night (members only)

Robin & Brasso's place

After having danced the whole day, we take a nice rest while educating ourselves on this year's NTDS theme: Jumanji. We will be watching at least one of the movies, maybe two if we find the time, and like always, Leidance will provide free snacks and drinks. This is a members only event. If you're […]