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Urban Kiz 7

07/08/2017 @ 20:00 - 22:00

The Leidance Summer Kizomba Classes are back! Even though the regular classes at the USC have stopped, we’re still going strong! This summer, we’re going to focus on Urban Kiz. Every week will have its own theme and techniques for you to learn. The classes are open to everybody and are taught by our own advanced dancers: Gino, Andrew, Rebecca, Simone, Alina and Arvin!

Urban Kiz, short for Urban Kizomba, is a couple-dance that originated in France somewhere between 2000 and 2014. Around 2015 the dance still went under various different names, such as: French Style, New Style, Neo-Kizomba, because no consensus was reached on a final name.

The dance style evolved from Kizomba, when Kizomba music was influenced by urban music styles such as R&B, Rap, Dance and Hip Hop. As the music changed, the dancers made new interpretations on how to move on this music.

The main difference with Kizomba is that the dancers generally have a larger distance between them and often don’t have the chest-to-chest connection as is common with Kizomba. The figures made often also require movement along straight lines or changing direction only at perpendicular angles or reversing direction.

The Urban Music is also characterized with a more dynamic change of pace, so in Kizomba one sees more slow transitions, accelerations and breaks (standing still in one pose). Contratempos are also often performed and preferably in sync with the Kizomba-beat.

Characteristic for Urban Kiz are also the feint movements of the legs of the men and the hip movements or popping of the lady especially on tarraxinha-like music.