ETDS June 2017

During the weekend of 3 and 4 of June Team Leidance went to the ETDS in Aachen. The ETDS is the abbreviation for `European Tournament for Dancing Students´. This tournament is organized twice a year and student dancing organizations from all over Europe will participate. And this time we went to Aachen, Germany.  A short summary would be: dancing, some more dancing, meeating lots of new friends, no sleep and of course dancing. It was a weekend to remember for sure! David & Ilke rocked the Provi’s in ballroom (next to getting into  the Champions with latin), Mirjam met the most awesome bearded guy there is, Ilona was amazing in the Open Class (highest class at the ETDS!), and Reinier & Laura even became 13th in the Champions during the latin competition!

Next ETDS will be in Kaiserlautern and we are planning to go with an even bigger team 😀 So stay tuned for more information.  For now: Niet volgen…

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