What is Zouk?

Zouk is a Brazilian dance characterized as one of the most creative and graceful in the Latin scene. Zouk literally means “party” in Creole. The dance is derived from the Lambada, a dance from Brazil. Zouk itself originated in the early 1980s. It is a flowing, wavy dance with many turning patterns. Compared to the Lambada, Zouk is danced to calmer music. It’s originally from the French Antilles (Caribbean) and therefore has strong French influences. In fact, the Zouk music is a fusion of many different musical styles, such as Cadence, Kompa, Balakadri and Pop music. Nowadays, Zouk is danced to all kinds of music, think of: reggaeton, most songs from the top 40 and even salsa music!
In the Netherlands, Claudio Gomes has developed his own style of Zouk, called “Zouk Love”. This is now the most danced style in the Netherlands and probably in the rest of Western Europe as well. The USC teaches Zouk based on Zouk Love, but over the years it has grown to Zouk with a twist. Zouk is creative, beautiful and great for dancing! From fast to slow, you can do it all with Zouk! It is danced by all kinds of people, of all ages and nationalities. Come and join us!

Zouk at the USC

DISCLAIMER: Due to the Corona crisis, there are no Zouk lessons at this moment

More information about the dance classes at the University Sports Centre can be found here.

We hope to see you in the dance classes!

About Carlos & Amber

We are Carlos and Amber, live in The Hague and have recently started teaching Zouk at the USC.
Let’s start with Carlos: “I may have been born in the Netherlands, but inside I am a real Aruban. The sun is always shining inside me, music is always playing and I would dance all day long if that was possible. I go as often as possible back to where I come from: Aruba. I have been known in the Latin scene for many years. I started with Salsa, but I got to know Zouk in 2011, fell madly in love with it and to this day I can no longer get away from it. Dancing is one of my greatest passions and I have been able to make it my job. I even managed to set up my own dance school! I always teach professionally with a smile, and take my ‘From the Heart’ vision into every role I fulfill. I combine this with a lot of fun and sound effects in the classroom.”
Then we have Amber: “I was born and raised in Leiden and I, therefore, consider it is an honor to be able to teach in ‘my own’ city. I am originally a psychiatric nurse in child and adolescent psychiatry. During my graduation in 2017 I came into contact with Zouk (and Carlos), just doing a trial lesson for the distraction. Before I knew it, I was in love with Zouk, I trained at least 8 hours a week and within a year I was in front of the class next to the teacher who had taught me everything: Carlos. In addition, I had developed 1 great passion: Dance!”
Together we keep moving and we continue to learn and we want to grow. Every year we go to conferences in the Netherlands and abroad, we have already been to Germany, Croatia and Spain. We have even taught together in Aruba! We hope for nice Zouk lessons at the USC!