What is Kizomba?

Kizomba is a popular genre of dance origi­nating in Angola, characterized by a slow and usually very slow and romantic rhythm and usually fueled by electronic percussion. It is dan­ced very smoothly with neither tightness nor rigidity and there are frequent simul­tane­ous hip rotations coordi­nated between dance partners, particularly in the quieter refrains of the music. Semba and urban kizomba are two common types, the latter given by the USC.

Kizomba at the USC

The classes are given by the University Sports Centre.

  • Wednesday     20:10-20:55     Intermediate
  • Wednesday     20:55-21:40     Beginners
  • Wednesday     21:40-22:30     Social

You can sign up per course block, through the My USC Leiden Sports application or through dmsonline.uscleiden.

More information about the dance classes at the University Sports Centre can be found here.

We hope to see you during the classes!

About Andrew


I’m Andrew Silonero and I teach the Ki­zomba class at USC Leiden. During my stu­dent years, I star­ted coming to dan­cing class regu­larly. I took the salsa, ba­cha­ta and kizomba classes. This quickly became a seriously time-con­suming hobby. I enjoy every­thing about dance classes: the music, the atmosphere and of course, the dance itself as well. But the thing I enjoy the most is the people who dance. Both students and teachers are committed, not just to becoming better at the dance, but also to creating a tight-knit community.

Given that my Kizomba-journey started at the USC, one might say that by coming back to teach here things have come to a complete circle. Since I started teaching, I’ve come to discover that playing a small part in some­one’s dance journey is definitely one of life’s little pleasures. As a teacher, I hope that my classes will help you dance more beautifully, but also using better technique and in a way that’s self-assured. I hope to see you in dance class, or at a dance party, dance festival, dance weekend or some other dance-related moment!