Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing consists of a Latin and a Standard part. These styles differ from each other in music, mood and rhythm.

The USC lessons are built up as follows:

Beginners block A/B

Standard: Quickstep, Tango, English Waltz

Latin: Jive, Rumba, Cha cha

Semi-advanced block A/B

Standard: Quickstep, Tango, English Waltz, Slow Fox ,

Latin: Jive, Rumba, Cha cha, Samba


Advanced block A/B

Standard: Quickstep, Tango, English Waltz, Slow Fox, Viennese Waltz

Latin: Jive, Rumba, Cha cha, Samba, Paso Doble


Salsa is a passionate Latin dance which focuses on quick movement and figures. The salsa basics are relatively easy to learn. It has its roots in the Cuban society, but there are also Colombian variants of it. In the USC we dance the LA variant.

For Salsa the USC offers 3 levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Once a week there is a special Leidance lesson, where you can only enter when you are a member of Leidance. Checking it out once is okay of course!


Kizomba is a combination of African beats, sensual movements and has a leading and following style similar to that of Argentine Tango. It originates from the Angolan dance style Semba. Beginner lessons are given at the USC every block.

Interested? See the schedule.