Have you ever wondered how to be more involved in Leidance? Of course, a Board year is the best way, but if you have a busy life, maybe a committee is more your kind of thing. As of now, the following committees are active:


The youngest committee of Leidance, but according to its members, already the best! FeStijn’s mission is to bring as much value for your contribution as possible by organising events and party’s. Are you a party animal with some crazy amazing ideas? Email us at


The Foetcie is alive! They have organised a Crazy 88 in the past, and this year they want to organise a fun weekend or day of dancing. Are you interested in organising such an activity for Leidance? Sign up via:


The Presscie is involved in creating Leidance merchandise. They work on banners, posters, flyers, our logo, member’s clothing, the website and other cool stuff that we might come up with later. Are you interested in promoting Leidance in the best way possible? Sign up via:

Almanac Committee

As we are almost five years old, we are want to make sure our first few years won’t be forgotten. That is why are making an almanac! It is going to big, it is going to be awesome. And you can be a part of it! Are you interested in helping write/design our yearbook? Sign up via:


Dancing is the very core of our association. But how can you dance without music? We have formed a committee to make awesome playlists. You can find them on our Spotify by looking for s.d.a.leidance or via the Spotify bar our the website. If you have any suggestions for songs, please send an email to:

Interested in joining one of our committees, please send an application to or do you have ideas and suggestions for new or existing committee, let us know!