Try out first?

Dear dancers!

If you have landed on this page of our website, you are most probably interested in dancing, and maybe even becoming a member of our association! If you are still in doubt, you are welcome to come and join us at one of our activities.

Three times a month on Tuesday evening we have Social Dancing. This is a free dance evening for all dancing styles. During these free dance evenings everybody gets a chance to dance and catch up with one another. Members often teach each other new moves or even complete new dances during these socials. This is a perfect chance to come around and have a look if you are interested in Leidance. The atmosphere is always relaxed and all our members are willing to help you out. Take a look on the calendar on the right what socials we have when.

You are also welcome to join during one of our monhtly drinks, which is each first Tuesday night of the month. Besides that almost all our parties and workshops are open to non-members for a small price. Check our calendar for information about our activities.

If you know how to dance Salsa already, you may be interested in our Leidance Salsa classes. These classes are for an extra high level and are for members only. You can come and join to see what it’s like once or twice before you have to become a member.

Please note that all our classes are at the University Sports Centre (USC), so you do need a subscription there to join the classes. It is possible to get one free trial day at the USC or get a daypass too. Just ask about it at the reception or find more information on their website!