Francesca Pileri – Chairman

Hello everyone! I am Francesca and I am the chairman for the second part of this year. I joined Leidance at the beginning of this academic year and have been passionate about it ever since. I am currently in the first year of my masters in biomedical science and want to continue on with a communication specialisation next year. I grew up in very international environments and spend most of my holidays in summer camps so I have lots of experience in organising activities and coordinating teams.

I have always done some kind of dancing growing up, everything from ballet at 5 years old to hiphop and tap-dance as a young teenager and lots of Zumba and some modern dance in recent years. I have always loved latin music so it was no big surprise when I started salsa and bachata lesson and loved it. Since then I have also started ballroom and am exited to learn more every week. Leidance has given me so many wonderful friends and good times in the last months and I am looking forward to soo much more : )

Karla Semak Fiedler – Secretary

Hey! I am Karla, your secretary for the next term. I’m in the process of wrapping up my master in archaeology and have been in Leidance for a year and a half. I was an hono­rary board member at my student associ­ation in Zagreb, we didn’t have fancy names for positions so it was something like “the boss’ right hand”. I have thus expe­rience with organizing events, keep­ing track of paperwork, and patting the chairman on the back when things aren’t working out. I’ve been dan­cing since I started my bachelor, so 3 years and Corona. I’m primarily an Argentine tango dancer and I did “social” dance (yes there was a time when I enjoyed jive), but since we don’t have Argentine at the USC I can sometimes be seen in ball­room, salsa, bachata, and as of recently kizomba – if I’m not too busy playing video­games or pretending to write my thesis, that is. I’ve met some very nice people at Leidance, and I hope that my time in it will be as nice as it was at “the Club” back home.

Ramon van Kol – Treasurer

Hello my name is Ramon van Kol and I am the treasurer of Leidance for the next six months. I am 21 years old and my favou­rite hobby is, you guessed it, dancing! I can only dance salsa, bachata and whatever comes up when I am drunk 😆. I want to become treasurer because I love the people that make up the members of Leidance. Since I started dancing at the USC I have met some of the coolest people in my life and would like to meet more members.

Elena Heldwein – Board Assistant 

Hey my name is Elena. I am board assistant for this half of the year. I am from Vienna in Austria. I love dancing and have tried different styles until I got stuck with Tap and Ballroom 8 years ago. Since this is the last semester of my MA Classics here in Leiden I am excited to be more active and help make Leidance an awesome place.



Board Pileri (April-September 2022)

Chairman: Francesca Pileri
Secretary: Karla Semak Fiedler
Treasurer: Ramon van Kol
Board Assistant: Elena Heldwein

Board Dijkstra II (2021/April 2022)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Treasurer adm.: Maarten Derickx

Board Truggelaar (2020/2021)

Chairman: Lisa Truggelaar
Secretary: Paula Sengers
Treasurer: Maarten Derickx
Board Assistant: Rebecca R. T. Boelens

Board Dijkstra (2019/2020)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Robin Sanchez van Ginkel
Treasurer: Ian Arbouw

Board Hosseinimehr-Tolenaar (2018/2019)

Chairman: Robin Tolenaar
Secretary: Robin, Annemarijn, Nikki
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Assessor Intern: Annemarijn Rijkers
Assessor Extern: Nikki Schotman
Board Assistant: Mousa Hosseinimehr
(chairman until 15-02-2019)

Board van Kempen (2017/2018)

Chairman: Marijke van Kempen
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Manon Willems
Assessor Internal: Jan Matteo Baptista
Assessor External until November: Irene de Mooij
Assessor External from November: Sanne Wortman

Board Wels (2016/2017)

Chairman: Colin Wels
Secretary: Jeanet de Raaf
Treasurer: Andrew Silonero
Assessor Internal: Danjella van Diepen
Assessor External: Carlijne den Heijer

Board De Rooij (2015/2016)

Chairman: Arvin de Rooij
Secretary: Eva van der Kruk
Treasurer: Laura Verkerk
Assessor Activities: Mirjam Zwennis

Board Starreveld (2014/2015)

Chairman: Esther Starreveld
Secretary: Renate van Zanten
Treasurer: Christine Zwaneveld
Assessor Activities: Josette Kramer

Board van Esveld (2013/2014)

Chairman: Milan van Esveld
Secretary: Riccardo Galli Poiares Baptista
Treasurer: Michael de Winter

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