Lisa Truggelaar – Chairman

Hi everyone! My name is Lisa Truggelaar and I’m this year’s chairman. As a student of bio-pharmaceutical sciences I know my way around chaotic, which can definitely be a good thing at times. Amidst all the chaos, dancing has a way of giving me clarity. The joy it brings me was very unexpected when I started ballroom a few years ago, though I can’t imagine going a day without it now. Although Leidance is a dance association, it has so much more to offer. Hopefully we’ll be able to convey that to you.

Lisa Steunding

Paula Sengers – Secretary

Dear people,
my name is Paula, I’m 23 years old and a second-year student dance/eurythmics. Before this, I studied Hospitality, Leisure and Entertainment. This year I am Secretary at Leidance, which is super fun and exciting at the same time! Leidance, for me, means bringing people together, having a lot of fun, and of course the most fun thing: dancing!

I come from a small town from Brabant and I really grew up with the typical Brabant companionship. To go to Leiden was definitely a big step, but it was worth it. In my spare time I dance a lot, I practice the piano, write poems, skate and I especially like to socialize with friends around me.
This year I hope to bring in a lot of fun and nice newsletters to the association, and bring old and new members together with dancing!

Paula Sengers

Maarten Derickx – Treasurer

Hi everyone! I’m Maarten Derickx, this years treasurer of SDA Leidance. Although I thought I was finished with student life, student life was not finished with me. So here I am taking care of the finances of SDA Leidance, after having done a Ph.D. in math’s and being a full time developer at Joost-IT.
Although I do know a bit of ballroom and have danced quite a bit of Rock n’ Roll, it are the dances Salsa and Bachata where I really shine. Additionally I do enjoy to dance some Kizomba from time to time.
It is not my first time being a Treasurer, since I have been the Treasurer of V.S.L. Catena as well. So I hope my previous experience will help getting the financial administration of Leidance to the next level.

Maarten Derickx

Rebecca Boelens – Board Assistant

Hi everyone! I’m Rebecca, and I am the board assistant of Board Truggelaar. By day, I study Japanese language and culture, by night, I dance! In my first year of university I somehow found my way to my first ballroom class, and soon enough, I started joining other partner dancing classes, discovering a love for salsa, bachata and merengue as well.
When I’m not dancing, you’ll find me bundled up in blankets on my couch, crochet hook and yarn in my hands, working on my next project, or writing on my newest story. Sitting still is not my forte; it makes me feel restless.
When I was still in high school, I was a member of the representative advisory board (medenzeggenschapsraad) for six years and I learned a lot about planning, organisation and effective communication. I hope to put these skills to good use in the upcoming year.
I love a good chat, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me; I’m happy to talk.

Rebecca Boelens


Board Truggelaar (2020/2021)

Chairman: Lisa Truggelaar
Secretary: Paula Sengers
Treasurer: Maarten Derickx
Board Assistant: Rebecca R. T. Boelens

Board Dijkstra (2019/2020)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Robin Sanchez van Ginkel
Treasurer: Ian Arbouw

Board Hosseinimehr-Tolenaar (2018/2019)

Chairman: Robin Tolenaar
Secretary: Robin, Annemarijn, Nikki
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Assessor Intern: Annemarijn Rijkers
Assessor Extern: Nikki Schotman
Board Assistant: Mousa Hosseinimehr (chairman until 15-02-2019)

Board van Kempen (2017/2018)

Chairman: Marijke van Kempen
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Manon Willems
Assessor Internal: Jan Matteo Baptista
Assessor External until November: Irene de Mooij
Assessor External from November: Sanne Wortman

Board Wels (2016/2017)

Chairman: Colin Wels
Secretary: Jeanet de Raaf
Treasurer: Andrew Silonero
Assessor Internal: Danjella van Diepen
Assessor External: Carlijne den Heijer

Board De Rooij (2015/2016)

Chairman: Arvin de Rooij
Secretary: Eva van der Kruk
Treasurer: Laura Verkerk
Assessor Activities: Mirjam Zwennis

Board Starreveld (2014/2015)

Chairman: Esther Starreveld
Secretary: Renate van Zanten
Treasurer: Christine Zwaneveld
Assessor Activities: Josette Kramer

Board van Esveld (2013/2014)

Chairman: Milan van Esveld
Secretary: Ricardo Galli Poiares Baptista
Treasurer: Michael de Winter