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Tineke Dijkstra – Chairman

Hi! I’m Tineke, and I’m the chairman for (part of) this year. As I’ve been in this position before two years ago, I hope to help Leidance get back to normal after what we all know was a difficult year. I’m currently a master student Intercultural Communication at Utrecht University, after having graduated in Japanese studies at Leiden University. I like to challenge myself by trying to apply my knowledge in business, marketing and communication in Leidance, but because of that, I sometimes tend to take things a little too seriously. 🥲
I started dancing about five years ago, and although I am primarily a ballroom dancer, in which I also dance on a competitive level, I like all the dances we have to offer. If it were up to me, we’d add a whole lot of other dances to the list as well. I’m looking forward to seeing you all again at all the dancing activities this year. ^^

Anastasia Solovyeva – Secretary

Hi guys,
My name is Anastasia and I will be your secretary in 2021-2022. I´ve fulfilled the same position in 2017-2018 and I hope to use my previous experience in order to help our wonderful association grow and flourish. My dance journey started 7 years ago and since then I’ve been dancing a lot. Currently my main focus is competitive ballroom, but feel free to ask me for a kizomba, salsa or bachata during a party or a social: I would love to meet and dance with all of our new members!
As I finished my studies in Modern Political History at the University of Leiden last year and am currently working, I will not be able to join you at the usc dance-classes a lot. Still, I am really looking forward to organising the most amazing activities and parties for S.D.A. Leidance!

Zander van der Steege – Treasurer


Maarten Derickx – Treasurer administration

Hi everyone! I’m Maarten Derickx, this years treasurer of SDA Leidance. Although I thought I was finished with student life, student life was not finished with me. So here I am taking care of the finances of SDA Leidance, after having done a Ph.D. in math’s and being a full time developer at Joost-IT.
Although I do know a bit of ballroom and have danced quite a bit of Rock n’ Roll, it’s the dances Salsa and Bachata where I really shine. Additionally I do enjoy to dance some Kizomba from time to time.
It is not my first time being a Treasurer, since I have been the Treasurer of V.S.L. Catena as well. So I hope my previous experience will help getting the financial administration of Leidance to the next level.

Maarten Derickx


Board Dijkstra II (2021/2022)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Treasurer adm.: Maarten Derickx

Board Truggelaar (2020/2021)

Chairman: Lisa Truggelaar
Secretary: Paula Sengers
Treasurer: Maarten Derickx
Board Assistant: Rebecca R. T. Boelens

Board Dijkstra (2019/2020)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Robin Sanchez van Ginkel
Treasurer: Ian Arbouw

Board Hosseinimehr-Tolenaar (2018/2019)

Chairman: Robin Tolenaar
Secretary: Robin, Annemarijn, Nikki
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Assessor Intern: Annemarijn Rijkers
Assessor Extern: Nikki Schotman
Board Assistant: Mousa Hosseinimehr
(chairman until 15-02-2019)

Board van Kempen (2017/2018)

Chairman: Marijke van Kempen
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Manon Willems
Assessor Internal: Jan Matteo Baptista
Assessor External until November: Irene de Mooij
Assessor External from November: Sanne Wortman

Board Wels (2016/2017)

Chairman: Colin Wels
Secretary: Jeanet de Raaf
Treasurer: Andrew Silonero
Assessor Internal: Danjella van Diepen
Assessor External: Carlijne den Heijer

Board De Rooij (2015/2016)

Chairman: Arvin de Rooij
Secretary: Eva van der Kruk
Treasurer: Laura Verkerk
Assessor Activities: Mirjam Zwennis

Board Starreveld (2014/2015)

Chairman: Esther Starreveld
Secretary: Renate van Zanten
Treasurer: Christine Zwaneveld
Assessor Activities: Josette Kramer

Board van Esveld (2013/2014)

Chairman: Milan van Esveld
Secretary: Riccardo Galli Poiares Baptista
Treasurer: Michael de Winter