Francesca Pileri - Chairman

Hello everyone! I am Fran­cesca and I am the chairman for the year. I joined Leidance last October and was chair for half of last year. I am currently in the second year of my masters in biomedical science, specialising in commu­ni­cation. I grew up in very international envi­ron­ments and spend most of my holidays in summer camps so I have lots of experience in organising acti­vi­ties and coordinating teams. In the last halt year as Chair, I orga­nised lots of activities, some parties and a very successful Gala. It gave me lots of pride to see members happy and made me enthusiastic to continue my job as chair.

I have always done some kind of dancing growing up, everything from ballet at 5 years old to hiphop and tap-dance as a young teenager and lots of Zumba and some modern dance in recent years. I have always loved latin music so it was no big surprise when I started salsa and bachata lesson and loved it. I started with Ballroom a few weeks later and have been loving it ever since. I love the everlasting challenge to get better, learning new steps and polishing up my technique. Leidance has given me so many wonderful friends and good times in the last year and I am looking forward to soo much more 🙂

Amalia Mederos - Secretary

¡Hola, everyone! My name is Amalia, I am a bachelor’s student at Leiden University. Being from the Canary Islands (Spain), I don’t have many opportunities to share my love for Latin music and my language, but dance class is the exception. I joined Leidance within my first month in the Netherlands and partnered dancing has been my passion ever since. My all-time favorite is Bachata, closely followed by Salsa, and I also joined Ballroom, which I’m enjoying greatly.

As the new Secretary, I will take care of the member administration, but my main plan is to organize many parties and fun activities. I really enjoyed them as a member, so now as part of the board, I want to bring new ideas to life wishing that we all have a good time!

Davide Imparato - Treasurer

Hi everybody, I am Davide from Italy and I am the new treasurer for the year. I concluded my studies in Delft few years ago and I’m currently working as an engineer on satellite navigation. I joined Leidance about one year and a half ago and I am very happy to take a more active role in the society. I always used to like mathe­matics and counting money, and I’m confident I’ll do well in managing your bills 😉

I started dancing during the second year of study in the Netherlands, after lightheartedly accepting the invite of a my Peruvian collea­gue to check out some salsa classes. But after starting, I discovered a true new passion, and I never stopped anymore. At the beginning I was interested only in Latin dance, but after joining Leidance, I also took the opportunity to explore the ballroom ‘side’, and I’m finding it a really exciting challenge! And more than all, through Leidance I got to know so many inter­esting people, and tied very good friend­ships. I look forward to a year full of fun, dancing ad­ven­tures, and positive cash flows.

Board history

XI. Board Pileri II (2022/2023)

Chairman: Francesca Pileri
Secretary: Amalia Mederos
Treasurer: Davide Imparato

X. Board Pileri (April-September 2022)

Chairman: Francesca Pileri
Secretary: Karla Semak Fiedler
Treasurer: Ramon van Kol
Board Assistant: Elena Heldwein

IX. Board Dijkstra II (2021/April 2022)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Treasurer adm.: Maarten Derickx

VIII. Board Truggelaar (2020/2021)

Chairman: Lisa Truggelaar
Secretary: Paula Sengers
Treasurer: Maarten Derickx
Board Assistant: Rebecca R. T. Boelens

VII. Board Dijkstra (2019/2020)

Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary: Robin Sanchez van Ginkel
Treasurer: Ian Arbouw

VI. Board Hosseinimehr-Tolenaar (2018/2019)

Chairman: Robin Tolenaar
Secretary: Robin, Annemarijn, Nikki
Treasurer: Zander van der Steege
Assessor Intern: Annemarijn Rijkers
Assessor Extern: Nikki Schotman
Board Assistant: Mousa Hosseinimehr
(chairman until 15-02-2019)

V. Board van Kempen (2017/2018)

Chairman: Marijke van Kempen
Secretary: Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer: Manon Willems
Assessor Internal: Jan Matteo Baptista
Assessor External until Nov.: Irene de Mooij
Assessor External from Nov.: Sanne Wortman

IV. Board Wels (2016/2017)

Chairman: Colin Wels
Secretary: Jeanet de Raaf
Treasurer: Andrew Silonero
Assessor Internal: Danjella van Diepen
Assessor External: Carlijne den Heijer

III. Board De Rooij (2015/2016)

Chairman: Arvin de Rooij
Secretary: Eva van der Kruk
Treasurer: Laura Verkerk
Assessor Activities: Mirjam Zwennis

II. Board Starreveld (2014/2015)

Chairman: Esther Starreveld
Secretary: Renate van Zanten
Treasurer: Christine Zwaneveld
Assessor Activities: Josette Kramer

I. Board van Esveld (2013/2014)

Chairman: Milan van Esveld
Secretary: Riccardo Galli Poiares Baptista
Treasurer: Michael de Winter