Automatic Payment

Automatic Payment

This form is to make it possible for existing members of SDA Leidance to both pay their membership fee for the current year and request for automatic payment to be set up for subsequent years. Unfortunately due to technical limitations it is not possible to only set up automatic payment without paying for the current year as well. If you wish to only set up automatic payment without paying for the current year as well, please contact our treasurer.

If you’re not a member yet but want to join our association, go to the Become a member page to sign up.

Important information regarding this form.

After completing this form you will be redirected to a payment page in order to pay your membership fee for this year. By completing this form I grant S.D.A Leidance the mandate to send SEPA Direct Debit payment order to your bank once per year, for the automatic payment of the membership fee of S.D.A. Leidance.

This fee is currently €30, and this amount can only be increased if this is approved by the members of S.D.A. Leidance during a General Members Assembly (GMA).

The initial payment of the fee for this year is definite and cannot be refunded. However, if you do not agree with an automatic withdrawal that has been made for any of the subsequent years you can ask for a refund. For this you need to contact your own bank within 8 weeks of the withdrawal. Ask your own bank for further conditions of refunds of SEPA Direct Debit payments. Note that unless you have proof of cancelling your membership before the deadline of June 1 before this academic year, you will still be required to pay your membership. Under certain circumstances, an exception can be made upon discussing this with a board member. If you do not agree with this, we ask you to send a motion for dismissal with explanation to, which will then be evaluated by the General Members Assembly.