Activities September 2021

Upcoming activities:


Change GMA

Saturday September 4th, 20:00-23:00 @ online

An end has come to the year of yet another Leidance board. During this GMA, we will wrap up our year and pass on our duties to the next board. On their turn, the next board will briefly enlighten us on their plans for the next year. A personal invitation with the link was sent to all the members through the mail. If you didn’t receive a mail, but do wish to attend, please contact us through whatsapp or send us an email:

Monthly drinks

Tuesday September 7th, 20:00-23:00 @ Cafe de Keyzer

Certainly you don´t need an excuse to meet your Leidance friends, chat about that one new fancy dance move you learned, complain about your dance partner (just kidding, don´t do that ) and socialize. But during the hot summer nights in Leiden, the Monthly Drinks becomes that one activity you really don´t want to miss. Celebrate the height of summer with a cocktail and free snacks, chat with friends and maybe get a little bit tipsy. It’s all allowed at the monthly drinks!


Social dancing

Tuesday September 14th and 28th, 21:15-23:00 @ USC multifunct. room

Social dance is moving to a different day! From now on, the social dancing will be on every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month, meaning there will be no overlap with dance classes or the monthly drinks. But that’s not all! Now that most of us are vaccinated, we’re slowly letting go of the fixed partner rule. Changing partners during the socials will be allowed, with a maximum of 3 dance partners per person.

World cleanup day

Saturday September 18th, 14:00-16:00 @ Van Der Werfpark

Once a year we join our strength to show the world how much we care. Together we’ll go around the city to clean the streets. We will arrange the tools we need to do so, while we ask you to bring your happy face and some dance moves for inbetween the cleaning. We will meet up at the Van Der Werfpark at 14h and we will end the day with a drink or some ice cream.


Social dance party: summer night

Saturday September 18th, 19:30-23:30 @ USC budozaal

It’s been 1,5 year since we last had a dance party, but we’re finally back! Although we’re not yet allowed to organise a party at a catering facility, we can organise one at the USC and we’re not gonna let a chance like that slip by. We’ll be dancing ballroom, salsa, bachata, kizomba and some merengue. As we would still like a little more summer, that’s what we’ll bring, so find that cute summer dress and those swim shorts from the back of your closet, because we’ll make it HOT! We only have one small condition: changing partners will be allowed, with a maximum of 3 different dance partners per person.

Workshop chocolate truffle making

Saturday September 25th, 14:00-17:00 @ Frederik Hendrikstraat 48, Alphen aan den Rijn

We’ll end the month on a delicious high note, with Tim teaching us how to make our own truffles in all kinds of variations. And for those whose creative talent doesn’t stop with dancing (ahem…), it’s the perfect opportunity to make some real works of art. And tell me, whether it looks pretty or not, who doesn’t love chocolate! I definitely do… Join us at this workshop, which is FREE FOR MEMBERS. Do note that there will be limited spots, so be quick to reserve your spot in our webshop. Tickets available soon!