Activities October 2021

Upcoming activities:

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FREE Hutspot – sign-up closed

Saturday October 2nd 17:00 – 18:30

Like every year, we’ll be organising our traditional hutspot dinner, in celebration of ‘Leidens ontzet’ (the liberation of Leyden from the Spaniards). Come start the evening with a delicious dinner. Those who want can join us afterward for the Taptoe – the parade for sports and cultural associations through Leiden – and last but not least, enjoy the rest of the evening with a lot of music, dancing and ‘gezelligheid’ in the streets of Leyden.


Saturday October 2nd 19:00 – 21:30   Sign-up here!

After not having been able to fully enjoy Leidens ontzet last year, now it’s time to make up and double the fun! We’ll be dancing and parading around town with other sports and cultural associations, letting Leyden know about our awesome association. We’ll be gathering around 19:00 in front of the Pelikaanhof, and walk to the starting point nearby together (in urgent request of the organisation, we will be going to the starting point as a group).

Monthly drinks

Tuesday October 5th, 20:00-23:00 @ Cafe de Keyzer

Certainly you don´t need an excuse to meet your Leidance friends, chat about that one new fancy dance move you learned, complain about your dance partner (just kidding, don´t do that ) and socialize. Now that it’s getting colder, getting all cosy together with a warm or maybe a alcoholic drinks is all the more tempting, and of course there’ll be some delicious fried snacks again.

Fundraise Fair

Saturday October 9th 13:00 – 17:00

On the 9th of October we’ll be organising all kinds of activities, from a bake sale to a dancing contest, and from all kinds of games to a lottery. Doing so, we’ll try to haul in some money for the charity of your choice! Upon request, we’ve also added Leidance itself as an option. Vote for your prefered charity here! Also keep an eye out on our Facebook page or our website for the official programme for the day, which will be announced soon.

Social dancing

Tuesday October 12th and 26th, 21:15-23:00 @ USC multifunctional room

A day I didn’t dance is a day I didn’t live. But we won’t let it get to that, for every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month we’ll take care of the music and all you have to do, is bring those classy moves! As usual, there will be all kinds of dancing, from waltz to cha cha and from salsa to kizomba, so there’s something for everyone! In addition, starting September 25, unlimited switching is allowed again during Leidance activities!

*If you don’t have a USC subscription, you can get a day pass for only €6,55- to enter the building.

Workshop Bachata

Sunday October 17th 18:45 – 19:45

It’s time again for a dance workshop, this time Bachata, given by our honorary member and founder of Leidance: Riccardo Baptista. As someone very experienced with this sensual dance, we are guaranteed to learn a lot, whether you’ve just begun to learn the basics or are already an advanced Bachata dancer, so be sure to be there!

Members: FREE             Sisters: €6            Non-members: €7
Tickets will be available in our webshop soon!

Board game night

Saturday October 23th 20:00 – 23:00

During the lockdowns, we organized a lot of online game nights, but now it’s time to actually come together and enjoy some actual tabletop games while enjoying a drink and some nice catching up with your fellow dance friends. Bring your favourite games and let’s make it a fun evening. Do note that the board game night will be in The Hague.