Activities June 2021

Hi dancers!

As you all have noticed, more and more possibilities to dance and have fun together are coming up again. Especially with warmer wheather to enjoy, we’re not going to let that be in vain. From this month on, we’ll be welcoming non-members to our public activities again. Let’s see what we have planned:

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Cuban salsa
June 12th (Saturday) 14:00-15:00, @Leidse hout

Time to move those hips! During this workshop we’ll be learning a new style of salsa: cuban salsa. It’s a partnered workshop, so make sure to show up with a partner, or find someone on the spot. Changing partners is not allowed during this workshop.

Ticket prices are as follows:
Members: €2
Sisters: €3
Non-members: €5
You can buy them here

Partnered practice night
June 10th and 24th (Thursdays) 20:00-22:00 @USC (Danszaal)

Practice nights are back! Like before, we are offering two practice nights every month, starting with two Thursdays. Make sure to show up with a (preferably set) partner, or come for some solo dances!  It’ll be fun either way. Just keep in mind that all the measures still apply: wash your hands, don’t come if you’re sick, and no partner switching.

General Members Assembly
26th (Saturday) 20:00-23:00 @online

This month, we’ll be having another GMA to update everyone on the association’s status. We’ll be discussing our finances, going over past activities and highlighting new ones, introducing the future board candidates and proposing some changes in our internal documents. As a member, you can contribute to the association by being present, voting on matters that require voting and fill out your bingo card! If you can’t be there, but you still want your voice to be represented, make sure to authorize someone to vote for you, by sending us an email with your name, their name and the date of the assembly.

Paintball + Dinner option
June 27th (Sunday) 17:00-19:30 @Rotterdam tba

With thanks to our treasurer, paintballing! Get rid of excess frustration and anger. Shooting board members is allowed. If you want to participate, text our treasurer, Maarten: 0653177028. It’s a first come, first serve-type situation, so if you wanna join, be sure to contact him as soon as possible! If the situation allows us, we will offer the option to dine out. If you’re interested, let us know, so we can book a spot.