Activities July 2021 + announcement board ’21-’22

The corona situation has slowly but surely been becoming better, so after a long wait, we´ve been allowed to restart our activities! During the month of June we’ve tried to organise as many social moments as possible and finally once again meet all of you. With first classes and practice nights we carefully looked for the room to once again reconnect and have fun together, in a safe way. 

GMA and board 2021-2022:

Many of you already know that the last GMA was very important for our association. Due to Covid it was very hard to find new members and therefore a new board. Gladly, some old-time heroes were ready to save the day and lead the association (with some help from part-time power troops). The interim board will be:

Chairman Tineke Dijkstra
Secretary Anastasia Solovyeva
Treasurer (shared) Zander van der Steege
Maarten Derickx

Our focus this year will be on community and member recruitment. We hope to find new members to fulfill the board position a.s.a.p. Feel free to contact us if you have interest or any questions about any of the board functions. 

Upcoming activities:

Monthly drinks

Tuesday July 6th, 20:00-23:00 @ Cafe de Keyzer

We are glad to announce that monthly drinks are back! As we are once again allowed to go to the pub we would love to invite you to join us for a few cocktails. Feel free to catch up with everyone and have a great night. If you’re joining, please let us know before 18h that day, so we can make an appropriate reservation.

Partnered practice night

Thursday July 8th and 22nd, 21:00-23:00 @ USC, Danszaal or Hall B

It’s time to practice your dance moves! Twice a month we will be offering you a chance to share your finest dance steps with fellow Leidance members. Make sure to bring your dance partner, or join us for some solo dances. It’ll be fun either way! 

*IMPORTANT: although joining our practice nights is free, you will still need a USC subscription or day ticket to enter the building.

ETDS prep day

Saturday July 10th, 11:00 – 13:00 @ USC

After a long wait we finally can start preparing for one of the most amazing ballroom events of the year: etds! Upcoming Saturday we will meet at the sportscenter and guided by amazing Ilona and Martin will learn more about dancing technique, presentation and competitions. We’ll be training with and without a partner and it’s going to be super fun. Join us to learn more about ballroom and student competitions!

Beach walk

Saturday July 17th,15:00-16:00 @ Katwijk aan zee

Time for more social activities and fun! This time we´ll be meeting each other on the beach! Join us for the walk and have some fun with fellow dancers.

Park drinks

Saturday July 24th, 20:00 – 23:00 @ Van Der Werfpark

Let’s socialize and meet each other! On the 24th of july we’ll get together for some fun, a chat, some drinks and dances at the park. We’ll take care of the snacks, but you should bring some drinks of choice. This event is open to non-members, so feel free to bring this one friend you always wanted to introduce to dancing!

Workshop Discofox

Saturday July 31th, 15:00-16:00 @ USC

Discofox is a super fun dance you might never have heard of. It is very popular in Germany  and is often confused with chacha! Last year we organised a discofox workshop and it was lots of fun. Time to move to part 2 and learn some more! Feel free to join us whether you know the basics of Discofox or not: the basics aren’t difficult at all. It’s gonna be great!