Activities August 2021

Upcoming activities:

Monthly drinks

Tuesday 3rd august 20:00-23:00 @ Cafe de Keijzer

Certainly you don´t need an excuse to meet your Leidance friends, chat about that one new fancy dance move you learned, complain about your dance partner (just kidding, don´t do that 😉) and socialize. But during the hot summer nights in Leiden, the Monthly Drinks becomes that one activity you really don´t want to miss. Celebrate the height of summer with a cocktail and free snacks, chat with friends and maybe get a little bit tipsy. It’s all allowed at the monthly drinks!

Partnered practice night

Thursday August 5th and 19th, 21:00-23:00 @ USC (hall B)

Practice nights are our oldest and most loved events. Just like before, you can join us for a practice night twice a month. We will be playing Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Ballroom: feel free to request your favourite dance and song! Due to covid we have to ask you to show up with a (preferably set) partner, or to dance solo.  It’ll be fun either way. Just keep in mind that all the measures still apply: wash your hands, don’t come if you’re sick, and no partner switching.


Workshop Urban Latin: part 2

Thursday August 12th, 21:00-22:00 @ USC (Danszaal)

Last year we organised the first part of the Urban Latin workshop, then based on Samba, and it was a huge succes! If you want to experience more of this wonderfull style or try it out for the first time: join us at the USC. During the workshop we will work on mixing one of the ballroom-latin dances with zumba and streetdance. This workshop can be joined both by (more experienced) ballroom dancers and people with no experience at all. Guided by wonderful Ilona we will make sure that every single one of you will learn something new and will have lots of fun while learning an energetic solo choreography.

Kizomba course, followed by Kizomba social

Saturday 14th, Sunday 22nd and Saturday 28th, 15:00 – 17:30 @ USC

If you don´t know Kizomba: let us introduce you. Kizomba can be both low-key and challenging, it is a very close and intimate dance with focus on the connection between the partners. As there are no Kizomba classes at the USC anymore, we decided to organise a short summer course by our favourite teacher: Emrâh! He will be teaching 3 classes, two on Saturdays and one on Sunday. We recommend you to come with a fixed partner, or be flexible in following or leading. Switching during class is not allowed, and we prefer you not to switch partners between classes. Signup will open soon, so don’t miss it!


Park drinks

Sunday August 15th, 19:30 – 23:00 @ Van Der Werfpark

There’s no better time than summer when it comes to socialising and enjoying some drinks, music and dance in the park. Last time the weather didn’t allow us to use the park, but we still had a great time and no excuse not to give the park another try. Bring your own blankets, booze, a cup, and a good mood, while we take care of snacks, soda and music. If the weather turns out to be bad again, don’t worry. We’ll just move the drinks to cafe de Keijzer. We’ll let you know about this the morning beforehand. Signup isn’t required for the park, but will be for the cafe.

El Cid information market

Wednesday August 18th, Saturday August 21st, 10:00 – 17:00

In August we have the honour to welcome upcoming students to our wonderful city of Leiden and introduce them to the university and its associations. On the 18th and 21st of August Leidance will attend information markets during which we will be teaching dance workshops, talking to the new students and telling them about the Wonderous World of Dance. Join us at the market to help spread the love for dancing or come talk to us if you are an upcoming student: we’ve got cookies!


El Cid dance challenge

August 16st – 21st, @ Leiden

This year we’ll be holding a special challenge for you, one that isn’t without a price for the best couple. Shortly before the start of the El Cid, you’ll receive a list of public locations in Leiden that are suitable for dancing and well visited by firstyears during the El Cid. Choose a location, put on some music and dance to your heart’s desire. Send us a picture or video to prove you’ve been dancing at that location. There will be a price for the couple with the most locations and for the couple with the most originality and/or variety in dance styles.

End-of-year barbeque

Sunday August 22th, 18:00 – 23:00 @ Omegaplantsoen

It’s once again time for our yearly bbq! We love to dance, but we also love food and the bbq is a wonderful opportunity to combine those passions and share them with each other. Meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans: everyone is welcome to join us. We will make sure that there is something delicious to eat for everyone. Although Leidance will take care of all kinds of food, from diehard meat, to some delicious salads, we surely encourage those who like to also bake/make/buy something to bring with them.