About us

S.D.A. Leidance is a student dance asso­ciation that focuses on partner dances – namely ball­room dancing, sal­sa, ki­zomba and bachata, but occa­sion­ally we also try something else. We aim to provide a social ele­ment to the dance classes provided by Leiden’s University Sports Centre (or USC for short). We do this by orga­nising social dancing nights, parties, workshops, movie nights and plenty of other acti­vities.

Founded on the 6th of February 2014, we are a young and growing asso­cia­tion. As we are a host to very different kinds of dancing, our acti­vities branch out from basement kizomba parties to fancy ballroom tournaments that last a whole week­end. There’s something for everyone!

Our members are a tight group of friends that stay in touch through our Whatsapp groups and Facebook. It’s a mixed bunch: the majority of our mem­bers are Dutch, but we also boast a large number of internationals (close to a third of our total number) who have had little trou­ble fitting in with the rest. We pride ourselves on being an acces­sible and welcoming group with­out res­tric­tions or forced partici­pation.

The membership fee for 2023-2024 will be €30,-. International students can also become a member only for the first or second half of the year, the contri­bu­tion fee in this case is only €20,-.

Would you like to become a member? Click here!