About becoming Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer

Dear members!
As you may have heard, we are looking for new board members for board 2020 – 2021. To give you a better idea of what it means to be on the board, we will be presenting you with the different positions one by one. In this post we will discuss Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. In the next post we will give you more information about Assessor internal affairs, Assessor external affairs and Board assistent.

We’re starting with our current Chairman: Tineke Dijkstra.

“As a chairman, my main function is that of a project manager. I keep an overview of what is going on and what needs to be done. I regularly check in with your board members to see if they are doing alright, not just as a board member, but also personally. That way, our emotional connections grew strong quite quickly. Since a chairman has relatively few position-related tasks, I can also more easily help out my board members whenever necessary.
Next to my position-related tasks, being a board member brought many fun tasks that aren’t bound to a specifc position, like activity-organising. This makes it easier not only to divide them amongst one another based on what tasks we like the most, but also to help each other out in times of distress, like deadlines or personal circumstan- ces. We’ve all been there, but I know no better way to get through it than with such an amazing team around me!”

Next up: our current Secretary, Robin Sanchez van Ginkel.

“Being a Secretary, my main tasks are keeping track of the member administration and writing the newsletter every month. Now, I guess one sounds like more fun than the other, but everytime I can add a new member to the list, we have a little celebration in the board chat! Next to that, the administration only takes a few minutes every now and then. Writing the newsletter costs me a little more time, but I enjoy writing – hyping people up for our upcoming activities- and giving the email a design to my liking. Both in the email and in the member administration I have a lot of freedom to do my own thing, which is a nice contrast to the other tasks that come with being a board member.
Before I joined the Leidance board, I had already been in another board so I thought I knew what to expect. However, I have learned so much more than I could’ve ever imagined, not only because of the new association but also because of my awesome new board members. I’ve improved many of my social skills, from asking for help when I need it, to thinking before reacting to something that happens in the association – and those are just personal examples. On top of all this, I really enjoyed organising parties and workshops, getting creative with themes and decoration, and realising how many enthusiastic members are willing to help if necessary. I really believe a board year can benefit you many aspects, being it social skills, administrative skills, or dance skills… Because in the end, that’s what brought us all here: A passion for dancing!”

Lastly: our current Treasurer, Ian Arbouw.”

As treasurer, I’m responsible for keeping up the records of all transactions. The workload is not that drastic, especially if you keep things organized (which, I’ll admit, I failed to do sometimes). However, since I’ve become the system manager of Leidance, I’ve been busy creating a finance management system to further ease the load and make it better manageable. With this you will see incremental improvements even during your time! The system is not too complicated and will save the next treasurer a lot of time, which then can be spent on the rest of the board tasks. Since your position-related tasks don’t take up too much time, you can often help out the rest with various other tasks.
One of the main reasons why I became part of the board was because I wanted to experience what it’s like to be responsible for a company. The responsibility for the association – both during activities and as representative towards other parties – took some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s loads of fun and a great way to gain experience. While I’m personally not so much involved with the communication-side of all of this, I have been able to help with all other facets like organisation and administration, from which I’ve learned a lot. Lastly, something worth mentioning that’s been said before by many (ex-)board members: your board members will definitely become your best companions.”