About becoming Assessor internal or external affaires, or Board assistant

Dear dancers!
As you may have heard, we are looking for new board members for board 2020-2021. To give you a better idea of what it means to be on the board, we will be presenting you with the different positions one by one. In this post we will discuss Assessor Internal Affairs, Assessor external affairs and Board assistent.

Next up: Assessor Internal Affairs by Tineke Dijkstra.

“Since we are a board of three, and Chairman is my main position, Assessor Internal Affairs – or Intern for short – is my secondary position.
As Intern, your main concerns are the functioning of the committees and communication with the members. You form the bridge beween the committees and the board and you make sure all goes well within the committees; you regularly join their meetings for updates and check if all committee members are actively participating. Next to that, members can come to you with their questions, concerns and ideas, but also if they seek a confidant to talk to. In short, being an Intern is a great way to quickly get to know your fellow members!”

The next position we’re presenting, is Assessor External Affairs, by Robin Sanchez van Ginkel.

“Assessor External Affairs – Extern for short – might be my secondary position, but this does not at all mean it is of less importance. In fact, as Extern, you have the humble task of representing the association to the outer world. From managing our promo and activities in the introduction weeks, to connecting with other student associations, promoting activities to both members and non-members, and collaborating with our sister-associations (Zusterliefde Party!), the Extern really shows everyone what Leidance stands for. You do have to be somewhat brave to begin with, but as long as you’re enthusiastic about Leidance, it’s a great way to get over that fear of talking to strangers!”

The last position we’re presenting, is Board Assistant.

We know a full year of being a board member might sound a bit daunting, especially if you have lots of hobbies, travel plans or other things blocking your agenda from this amazing experience. If you recognize this feeling, the position of Board Assistant might be something for you!

The position was originally brought into existance during the board of 2018-2019, where one of the board members realised his PhD and his board position were clashing more than he had hoped to. The current board decided that, even though we did not use this position this year, it should make a comeback for the next board in the following form:
As Board assistant, your role will be similar to what is often known as a “General member” of the board. If you have read the other stories, the best way to describe the position is getting the role of a board member, without the specific assigned tasks that come with other positions. As an assistant, you are very flexible. You can attend board meetings to stay up to date and are involved in decisions, but the workload is way less and not as strict. Your task is mainly taking up tasks that you are willing to do, as well as helping during some activities and voicing your opinion during important conversations. In short, being a Board assistant means you can have all the benefits of being on the board, with less pressure!