Activities October 2022

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Hutspot dinner

Sunday 2nd October, 17:00 – 19:00 @ Rijnsburgerweg 171C

Like every year, we’ll be organising our traditional hutspot dinner, in cele­bration of ‘Leidens ontzet’ (the liberation of Leiden from the Spaniards). Come start the eve­ning with a delicious dinner. Those who want can join us after­wards and enjoy the rest of the evening with a lot of music, dan­cing and ‘gezel­lig­heid’ in the streets of Leiden.


Monthly Drinks

Tuesday 4th October, 20:30 – 23:00 @ Cafe de Keyzer

Hanging out during dance is fun, but it dis­tracts from the dance – come join us at the Monthly drinks bonding evening where you don’t have to choose between that juicy gossip and the Quickstep you’ve been waiting for. Like always, fried snacks on the house!

Social Dance mixed

Tuesday 11th October 21:15 – 23:00 @ USC MF hall

Never miss a chance to dance! Come join our social dance evening for some ball­room, salsa, bachata, kizomba and other dances upon request. Open and free to everyone with a USC sub­scrip­tion (or buy a day card for €7,15-) You can come find us in the USC Multifunctional hall !


Ballroom Open Practice

Tuesday 18th October, 21:15 – 23:00 @ MF hall, USC

During these hours there is room for free practice time for ballroom! Little or no ex­pe­rien­ce? No problem! There will be more advanced dancers present to help you get through your first steps. Open and free to everyone with a USC sub­scrip­tion (or buy a day card for €7,15-). You can come find us in the USC multifunctional hall!

Kizomba Workshop 

Tuesday 25h October, 21:15 – 22:15 @ MF hall, USC

This Tuesday, we will start our Latin social with a Kizomba workshop. Come join us while Jelmer teaches us some lovely new moves. After the workshop, there will be time to practice your new moves and mix them with what you already know during the Latin social, with Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba.


Social Dance Latin edition

Tuesday 25h October, 22:15 – 23:00 @ MF hall, USC

Never miss a chance to dance !This social dance we will start with a work­shop Kizomba, given by Jelmer. After that, we will apply our newly learned moves during some social dancing, only Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba 🙂 Open and free to everyone with a USC sub­scription (or buy a day card for €7,15-)

Halloween Movie Night (no horror!)

Sunday 30th October, 20:00 – 23:00 @ Rijnsburgerweg 171C

It’s time again for a spooky evening, but don’t worry, this movie night will be family friendly! Because we don’t want to exclude anyone from joining, we will not host horror movies, but instead have you vote on the movie you would like to see (for example: A nightmare before Christmas). A poll will be posted for this soon! There will also be snacks and drinks provided by Leidance. Let’s make it a cosy, spooky night!