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Wouldn’t you like to be on holiday every evening after school or work? Salsa certainly does the trick. It is danced mainly on music with Spanish lyrics and this makes the songs sound very happy and light (even though they sing about grief and lovesickness). Most of the times the music contains percussive instruments and all this together gives you the feeling you are not in The Netherlands anymore.

So, what is salsa? Salsa originated in Cuba in the mid 70s. It is a mix of different dance styles which were danced at that time in Latin America, like Cha cha cha, Mambo and Son. The basis step of salsa is, in short, stepping back and forth, while moving the hips. This can be done while having the open position, holding each other’s hands, or haven the closed position, where the man puts his right hand of the shoulder blade of the lady while holding her right hand in his left hand. While dancing you often change position and as a lady you will turn a lot.

There are different styles of salsa, like Salsa LA, Cuban Salsa, Salsa Rueda and Salsa Cali. At the USC you will learn Salsa LA, which means that your first step will be on the first count of the music. This is the most common Salsa style.

Once you are addicted to this nice dance, you will find out about all the salsa parties that are going on. When you are visiting those parties, you will soon encounter two other dances that are close to salsa: Merengue and Bachata. Merengue is a dance where small steps are taken at the rhythm of the music, while twisting and turning. Bachata consists of three steps sideways and a tap step, and then making the same steps in the other direction. Three different dances, which are all a lot of fun!

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