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Leidance Lights
At the 15th of December we had a 'Light' themed party at Quintus. Any sparkly, glittery and/or decorated-with-lights outfit was welcome at this Leidance feast! There were two rooms; one for ...
Dressing up as creepy as you can, dancing latin all night long, having fun with fellow-Leidancers... What's not to love about the 'Kizombie' party?! Many members really made an effort and sh...
New members dinner
It was time for our lovely first years to get to know each other and the senior members. What’s a better occasion to do so than to have dinner together? Everybody brought some delicious food
Workshop Flamenco
On Saturday 21st of October, our very own Belgian Treasure had the delight to give us a Flamenco workshop! As this was her long-lost love, she dedicated herself dearly. We showed up with our...
El Cid
Last week, we were present during the El Cid introductory week of the Leiden University. Or, as we call it, new member season! We were at the Information Market on Monday and...
Bachelorette Party
This month we had the pleasure of welcoming to the USC a group of fine young ladies to take part in a salsa workshop by Riccardo Baptista. The workshop was part of a bachelorette party and thus...