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Upcoming: Leidance Gala
On April 28th, it's time for the Leidance Gala! Magical masquerade, dancing all night long, and a beautiful location... It's will be a night to remember. On Saturday April 28th we'll have a ...
Workshop for Leiden United
A night in Havana.. That was the theme of the Leiden United party. Leiden United is a students association for internationals studying in Leiden. To make their party extra amazing, they aske...
NTDS workshop
In a couple of weeks it's time for NTDS (Nederlands Tournooi voor Dansende Studenten). With the help of Robin from DanceFit, who gave us his place for an afternoon, we could help prepare our...
Happy Birthday to Leidance!
On the 6th of February it is exactly four years ago that Leidance was officially founded! In the past years Leidance has become a great place to meet other dancers, have fun, and, of course,...
Workshop Ballroom Technique
Amazing dancers Marcel Vos and Rozetta Kats came to Leidance to give us a unforgettable workshop. We danced waltz, tango and quickstep while they gave tips about dancing bigger and covering ...
Christmas dinner with Leidance
Christmas is a holiday filled with cozy dinners with friends and family, so we organised our own Leidance family dinner date at La Bota and encouraged everyone to dress themselves in true ho...